Data Protection Act

All details that you submit to us will be recorded in a file. Personal data will be handled with care and protected. This file is registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens [Dutch Data Protection Agency] in The Hague. Landal GreenParks will comply with the Data Protection Act at all times.

Recording and processing of data

While providing a service Landal GreenParks records data in order to implement an agreement such as the guest services administration and/or the provision of other services such as the information request service or the service dealing with price queries.

These details may also be used both by us and by third parties to provide targeted information and offers about our and related products and services and to obtain your opinions on these. In order for this information and these offers to match your interests as much as possible, we can combine your data with known data at other companies. To the extent required by law, Landal GreenParks will obtain your permission before passing your information on to third parties.

If you do not wish to receive interesting information or offers, please let us know by sending a card to: Landal GreenParks bv, afdeling Gastenservice Postbus 175, 2260 AD Leidschendam. You can also send us an e-mail.

Changing or deleting data

At your request we will correct your data, add to, delete or block it, if it is, for example, factually incorrect. This may result in you no longer being able to use our services (or a part of them). You also have the right to ask us to tell you if we process personal data relating to you.

Data security

We use extensive security procedures to protect the data used by us, to prevent, inter alia, unauthorised access to this information.

Cookie policy

What are Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you first visit a website. By storing these cookies, Landal GreenParks is able to serve you better now and in the future. Both Landal GreenParks and other parties with whom we work (such as Google Maps) create cookies which are stored on your computer.
Landal GreenParks differentiates between various types of cookies:

•      Functional cookies
Are used to make the site easier to use so that you do not have to, for example, make the same selection again or log in again if you have already done so.

•      Transaction cookies
Are used if you have made a booking and to pay commissions to our partners, if applicable.

•      Monitoring/Analytics cookies
Are posted by ComScore, Google Analytics and the Visual Website Optimizer. This allows Landal to anonymously map your search behaviour and to adapt its services in order to service you better as a (potential) guest.

Landal GreenParks will comply with the Data Protection Act at all times. Google Analytics and the Visual Website Optimizer do not store any personal data and respects your privacy.

•      Marketing or targeting cookies
Cookies that are created to store your interests so that when you are on or off the Landal GreenParks website you will be shown offers/adverts that correspond to your needs/interests. Landal GreenParks can also automatically stop showing you offers if you have already used them or if you have already seen them several times. Without these cookies you are more likely to see those adverts of ours which are irrelevant to you. Even without cookies you may encounter Landal GreenParks adverts!

Which third parties send cookies via the Landal GreenParks website?

Landal GreenParks works with third parties in the areas of social media, visitor statistics, advertisements, job services and streaming videos which also use cookies The following companies are currently partners of Landal GreenParks: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Yahoo Search Marketing, Comscore, TradeDoubler (Affiliates, Integral), Zanox, Quisma, PeopleXS, Hyves, AddThis, E-Village, Novasol, Isuu, Intermaps, FlowPlayer, Visual Website Optimizer, and

Are cookies beneficial to you?

With cookies we are able to analyse browsing behaviours and thus show you offers that are relevant to you by, for example, not showing you the same offer every time which does not correspond to your needs. We are able to continuously improve our online service by studying the information we derive from browsing trends and behaviours on our websites. If you have a Facebook or Twitter profile, then these cookies ensure that you can easily share your interests without having to log in each time. Landal tries to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Both in our parks and on our website. Cookies helps us do this on our website.

Can you delete cookies?

You can always use your browser to delete cookies on your computer. You can also decide yourself if you want to accept cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. You can set up your browser to reject cookies. We would like to point out that turning off cookies may limit the way you use our website (and other websites).

You can stop using Google cookies by going to the Google opt-out advertising page.

If you do not want to allow advertisers to analyse your behaviour, you can indicate this on the Your Online Choices website.

The name 'Landal GreenParks' stands for Landal GreenParks Holding B.V. and its affiliates.


Landal GreenParks reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. Make sure to check the privacy statement regularly for updates.


Look to see if your question is answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

About this page

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Landal GreenParks uses cookies to analyse the website, make it more user friendly, allow social media functions and present you relevant offers on and outside the website. If you continue browsing, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Landal GreenParks website.  Meer informatie


Landal GreenParks uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. We also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you.

Web improvement

We use Google Analytics with DCM to analyse the traffic on our website. This gives insight in the way people use our website so we can make improvements on site and measure the performance of advertisements.

Social Media

We make use of Facebook, AddThis and Google Plus so you can share information with your friends and family through social media. These Third Parties use their own cookies in order to remember your log in status, so you would not have to log in each time you use these functions.


To show video's on our websites the videoplayer uses cookies to remember where you are during playing the video.